19th of January 2014

Where Does Your Money Go?

All funds collected by Trail goes directly towards building the Radiotherapy Unit & developing the Paediatric High Dependency Unit in Jaffna

The Story

Trail began not long ago when CEO of MAS Linea Aqua Sarinda Unamboowe made himself a promise that when the ethinic conflict in Sri lanka came to an end he would walk the length of the country as a mark of his commitment to peace. When the war did conclude and Sarinda was left to fulfill his promise, long time friend and colleague Nathan Sivaganananthan CEO of MAS Intimates - MAS Design and Director of the Colours of Courage Trust wondered if he could turn Sarinda’s promise into a unique fundraising initiative towards helping those that suffered from a disease that had already taken the life of his sister- cancer. Ever willing to support a cause that he has always kept close to his heart, Nathan together with Sarinda and those behind the Colours of Courage Trust gave life to Trail.