19th of January 2014

Where Does Your Money Go?

All funds collected by Trail goes directly towards building the Radiotherapy Unit & developing the Paediatric High Dependency Unit in Jaffna

Walker's Tips




  • Drink lots of water during the walk, Water helps maintain energy and reduce cramps.

Prepare Your Feet

  • Long distances can cause discomfort and pain to your feet. Clean and clip your toenails to avoid discomfort in the front of your feet. Wear light and breathable shoes.


  • If you're new to long walks start training– increase your walk gradually


  • Stretching before you start will help you loosen your muscles, reducing muscle tiredness and reducing the risk of an injury. You should also stretch after the walk.

Warm up

  • It's important to warm up. Walk slowly for 10 minutes or walk in place for 3 to 5 minutes.


  • Wear breathable fabrics that expose the skin to oxygen and allow your body to sweat

Learn the correct heel to toe method of walking.

  • This will reduce the impact on your ankle joints

After the walk

  • warm down. Gentle stretching exercises for a few minutes after your walk will help to keep your blood flowing and aid your recovery.