Reunited love & nostalgia

We all heard about the energy of the 2011 walk; the emotion, the amazing acts of generosity and the love of our beautiful people in supporting this incredible cause- Trail. But today those stories really came to life for most of us who did it for the first time. It makes us fall in love with our people all over again.

It really reinforces the power of a single dream. A dream that has resulted in uniting and healing our nation as one people all in the name of Cancer.

Memories from 2011


Road side support

Energy boosting green bananas were given to us for free with smiling faces and waves. Little school kids in their smart uniforms stood by the side of the road with gleaming eyes and friendly gestures. Boys on bicycles would smile at us and ride with us making jokes of disbelief about this 28-day journey. “Akka, are you really walking for 28 days?”, they asked.

Tomorrow we walk again. Check out Day 2 starting point by clicking here

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