Today we walked 24 km from Kurunegala to Pannala. It was a great day, with so much support from both walkers and the communities along our route. We distributed about 200 tills on the way, and it was amazing to receive mostly full tills by the end of our walk.

One of the highlights from today was a little girl and her family who donated a large portion of their savings to our Brand Ambassador Mahela Jayawardena. They were eagerly waiting for him to pass their house and when he stopped by, they were so happy to see him in person and make their contribution to Trail.


It was heartwarming to see the support from the communities we passed along the route today. One gentleman had only Rs. 100 on him, but had to take the bus later and still he donated Rs. 80 to Trail. Children were eagerly waiting for our Ambassador Mahela Jayawardena so that they could catch a glimpse of a cricketing legend. As soon as they saw him, they erupted in applause and scrambled to give him their donations. Families lined the roads to give us their savings. Many of them didn’t have a lot of money to give, but that didn’t stop them from contributing as their generosity knew no bounds. This is what Trail is all about – people from all walks of life uniting under a common cause, our nation’s fight against cancer.

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Written by ~ Christalin