Six days into #Trail2016, our walkers are starting to feel the discomfort of walking for roughly 20 to 25 km a day. Every day for the past 6 days, Team Trail has gone through a routine. One of 2 am starts, sore muscles, and battling blisters as they continue forward, to make a difference as a united nation. Through this discomfort we are reminded of the true heroes who struggle every day because they are engaged in the battle for their lives – a battle that involves beating cancer. We walk for each one of them; those who continue to fight every day and those who have fought the good fight but have passed on. We walk not only for cancer, but also to heal our country. We walk because we recognize that our perceived differences – that of religion, ethnicity, caste or economic status – ultimately mean nothing, because in truth, we are all more similar than different. We are all born of this beautiful nation, and together we #TrailAsOne to overcome our challenges, whatever they might be. #WalkUniteHeal

Written by ~ Christalin Casinader