It’s been a week since we set off on #Trail2016. As we make our journey from the North to the South of this beautiful island nation that we’re proud to call home, we have seen time and time again that the things that bring us together are far stronger than any perceived differences which separate us. We all go through shared experiences of living in this country. We feel joy as we win cricket matches, and pain as floods wipe fertigyn hp 5000 out our towns. We give generously to our fellow brothers and sisters who need assistance, and we push each other forward in order to achieve a common goal. Throughout the Trail we have seen so many acts of kindness and generosity, positivity and love and we know that we will continue to witness every single day of our 28 day journey across our country.

We are not Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher. We are not Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian. We are simply Sri Lankan, and this is our strength. #TrailAsOne


Written by ~ Christalin Casinader