One of our Trail Brand Ambassadors, Nadiya Anderson, shares one of her #TrailStories with us:

“I am so honored to be an ambassador for Trail. The children at my mother’s school raised 100,000 rupees to donate towards my walk. It was very sweet to see each class come and present the collection to me, and it was great to see how generous these kids were.


Pictured above are my mother, Bernadine Anderson, and father, Andy Anderson at the farewell ceremony for us before we left to Jaffna! We also received cheques from the children at her school, Le Petit Fleur Academy, who have raised funds for @TrailSL. It was touching to see them wishing us good health and safety on our journey.

Each class of children raised the money by making lunch, baking desserts and selling it at school to their classmates and parents. Each class had nominated a child to present us with their cheque, they were so proud! They had lots of questions about our trip and I told them we would check in every couple days and send pics until they join us on the route cheer us on in Dehiwala. Together they raised over 100,000 rupees!

As many of you know, Trail is a 670 km walk along the length of Sri Lanka, aiming to raise USD 5 million to build a cancer treatment facility! Find out how you can help by visiting and standby us as we embark on this amazing journey! #TrailAsOne”