Sanjini Munaweera joined the Trail in Zone 3. She walked in memory of her parents, who both passed away from cancer. Here is her Trail Story:

“I took part in Trail in memory of my mum and dad, we lost them both to cancer earlier on this year. My mum battled cancer for over two decades, my dad for an intense six months. The trauma they went through will have a lasting effect on my siblings and me. Treatment days were especially challenging – watching someone you love going through so much you feel helpless at times. I was adamant to walk and to help raise some part of the funds and give someone a chance to fight another day. For the past few months I prepared myself by walking 8-10 kms every other day.  I am walking as a path finder hence its a three day session close to 70 kms that I will be walking.

As far as the walk itself, it’s been a fantastic experience – and a great bunch of people keeping you company through the day. The heat gets to you that’s the most challenging part of the walk. We set off around 5 AM each day and meet so many lovely people along the way cheering us on and providing us with fruit, biscuits and drinks – it gives you the energy to keep going. For me personally it will help me though my process of grieving and I feel I have done just a little bit towards giving a cancer patient hope and a chance to fight another day!”

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